Encryptek’s patented Radium product-line provides the world’s fastest RSA cryptographic acceleration

Encryptek merges mathematical theory and state of the art engineering to drive super-high performance hardware cryptography solutions. The Encryptek founders set out to re-define hardware cryptographic acceleration by applying a unique, yet adaptable, and highly parallel solution to Modular Exponentiation, resulting in a patented system for RSA encryption and decryption acceleration.

Encryptek focuses on flexibility: IP optimizations can be selected for encryption strength, hardware architecture, power constraints, embedded devices, and high performance computing. The key to such parameter tuning is Encryptek's scalable design, leveraging highly parallel primitives, that can be applied on 1024, 2048, 4096-bit computations, and beyond.

At a cost per transaction basis, the Encryptek products deliver value not seen in any competitor products.